Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sexual Selection

Why, we wonder, do we receive mucho más submissions asking us to hate women than we do to hate men? Is it because we hold women to a higher standard, and so when one falls short of our elevated expectations, we become irritated? Or are men generally considered to be more hate-worthy from the get-go, and so we tend to cut them a bit more slack? Beats us.

“Alls we know” is that for every one Dennis Franz submitted, we get four or five Gwyneth Paltrows. It seems that the only thing that our male and female petitioners can agree on is that they both seem to hate more women than they do men. What’s that all about? In our zeal to play fair, we sometimes find ourselves treading water, blog-wise, until enough males crowd our inbox for us to keep a moderately even balance. Fortunately, equilibrium has recently been reached. Watch this space.

And speaking of Dennis Franz…faithful readers will know that an earlier posting sent the hair-challenged actor directly to the inbox of the Junior Varsity H4H team. “Foul!” cried the anti-Franz lobby, claiming their man deserved the full-court Varsity press, pressuring us first with reason, then with bribes, then with threats. (We are happy to report that unlike the tactics employed by certain DC-based lobbyists, no callgirls or congressional interns were sent our way. Phew!)

So, upon further consideration, the H4H standards committee has decided to upgrade Mr. Franz to full Varsity status based solely on the facts (though we thank you very much for that Chia Pet.) In the interest of full disclosure, the relevant arguments are spelled out in the “comments” section of our February 22, 2010 posting.


Treadmill Industries said...

The *added value* of your sites *impactfulness* is the *due diligence* you put into *meeting your clients needs* with *deliverables* that *raise the bar* in terms of *customer expectations*

Ms Frisch, HateforHire pvt. sec'y said...

We'll take that as a compliment, sir.