Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hating Facebook

My goodness, the venom this “social networking” site has generated. Even from people who actively participate in the “hey, look at me!” phenomenon that has, like it or not, become an inescapable part of the global fabric.

This “self-inflicted privacy eradicator,” as one UK detractor labels it, lets people “poke” you, generates invitations to become fans of topics than can only be described (generously) as “niche,” offers “suggestions” for new friends by showing dozens of people you’re certain you’ve never met, and on and on and on.

A “cyberland of rampant narcissism and wasted time”? A “sinister, turbo-charged online menace”? There’s no shortage of anti-Facebook blather out there as a quick Google search instantly reveals. But one thing seems clear worldwide: You love it or you hate it…which sounds like our cue to step happily into the fray.

Our petitioner writes: “I hate Facebook because it's really an ANTIsocial network, however it might advertise itself. It gives people a false sense that they're ‘in contact’ with all their friends, but which kind of contact is that?? The kind of contact that leads to nothing -- it's largely not 'customized': all good friends, close friends, acquaintances, and so on are all lumped into the same category, so inevitably it's descending into empty superficiality. I'd call it ‘close encounters of the -1 kind’.” Whoa!

Take a deep breath, there’s more: “It promotes total laziness in human relationships. And don't even get me started on those who send emails to everyone about their virtual farms and how many pigs they fed.” Amen, brother!

In the interest of full disclosure, we have to admit that Hate for Hire has its own Facebook page. (But then again, we’d also like to point out that Facebook itself features upwards of 150 different “I Hate Facebook” groups, started by global participants from Oslo to Australia, Toledo to Turkey.) Hey, at least we don’t tweet!

Officially registered at Hate for Hire, March 21, 2010.

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Mr. CR said...

I hate Facebook sometimes, but it is definitely not the rule. I mean, for people like me who moved far from home and have no immediate contact with my loved ones, it's definitely something I look forward to. But there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to be sending "farmwhatever" invites at such impressive rate. I ABSOLUTELY do NOT want to grow a farm and feed pigs!! I do love the opportunity of meeting new random people every now and then though. I mean, that's how you meet people, right? Facebook is another way of stretching a hand (or finger to "poke"). It has actually become a second e-mail in my case.