Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hating Katie Holmes's line of kids' fashions

OK, so her daughter is her inspiration for this line of children’s clothing. Would that be the same daughter whose annual clothing expenditures are reportedly a whopping $3.2 million? The same three-year-old seen acting out in Boston recently in order to get her little mitts on some pricey gelato? Actually climbing over the counter into the goods, much to the horror of all in attendance? Better watch out, Suri, that you don’t spill any on that $1,200 “dove dress” you’re wearing. (Note to readers: How many preschoolers do you know have $850 Salvatore Ferragamo purses? Much less $5,000 ruby pendants?)

Rumors began last year that the actress (alleged) and more female half of TomKat Cruise was linking up to “create” a clothing line, Katie Holmes for Armani. Whoops! Press agents were quickly dispatched to squelch that item. Now, it seems, the third Mrs. Cruise has launched Holmes & Yang (designed, we suspect, largely by “stylist” Jeanne Yang), which debuted in Los Angeles in the fall and is virally making its way into markets in Mexico and the USA. Determined to go beyond kids' T-shirts and leggings, Yang succinctly explained a key design element: "It has to twirl." So noted.

Our petitioner writes: “As if she doesn't have enough. Now she goes on to create a line of baby clothes that are completely unattainable for 99.9999% of the world - outfits costing $350+...this money for outfits that children will grow out of in weeks.

“First she married a complete dud and the whole thing is a little creepy. I won't even go into the Scientology bit. But you have to wonder, does she remember when she was just a regular person in this world? How about creating a line of adorable kids’ clothes that people struggling in this country can actually afford? I would love to know how much work she actually does designing these duds.

“Katie, get over yourself and meet us back in reality sometime.”

You tell ‘em, sister! And you CAN go into the Scientology bit if you want; we’re all ears. Besides, why is a nice Catholic girl like Katie getting mixed up in a Sci-Fi religion (in Amazing 3-D) like that anyway? Wake up, lady! It’s Lent, godammit!

Katie Holmes’s line of kids’ fashions:
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Ernest said...

"Of course I love kids ... they're great with beans and potato salad at a barbecue." Kathy Bates as Stella Mae in "Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean".